If you suffer from sex addiction, then you may be wondering what options you have to overcome your struggles and challenges. Because this kind of addiction can be difficult to come to terms with or talk about, many people suffering from it don’t know where to turn.

Fortunately, as we study and understand sex addiction and its effects, it’s becoming easier to find the help you need and put yourself on the path to recovery. Today we’re going to talk about common sex addiction programs and services available to you.

At Life Works Recovery, we understand what you’re going through, and we want to assist you during your time of need. If you live in the Dallas area, contact us today to find out more about these programs and how you can get started. Here is an overview.

  • Sex Counseling
  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Couples Therapy
  • Group Therapy

Sex Counseling

At its core, sex and intimacy are deeply personal interactions between you and other people. As such, it can be difficult to talk about it openly, especially when you’re battling compulsive and addictive behaviors.

With sex counseling, the goal is not simply to share your feelings and open up about your struggles. The purpose is primarily to understand what’s driving these actions and what solutions can be the most effective.

Talking with a professional sex therapist can help you come to terms with the underlying issues that are causing your behavior. It could be psychological, stemming from abuse or other past experiences. Your addiction could be physiological as well, meaning that it could be treated with medications to alleviate your compulsive urges.

The other reason to engage in sex counseling is to figure out how you can recover from any damage caused by your addiction. If your relationships or work life are suffering from your behavior, you can work out potential solutions that will put you back on the right track.

Mindfulness Meditation and Awareness

Sometimes, we get too wrapped up in our heads, which means that we focus too much on things that are not happening right now. Mindfulness is the practice of letting go of all of this anxiety about the past and the future, and instead focusing your attention and energy on this moment and nothing else.

When it comes to sex addiction, part of the problem could lie in how you react to your compulsions and urges. You get so wrapped up in them that you lose sight of what’s most important.

Training your mind to be more present, as well as raising your awareness of every moment can provide some relief and allow you to move past these urges so that you don’t act on them. Mindfulness coupled with meditation can be a powerful tool to unlocking addictive behaviors and curbing their control over your body.

Couples Therapy

Suffering from sex addiction means that you’re not the only one involved in these acts. Trying to maintain a loving and nurturing relationship when you’re engaging in sexual behavior with others can ruin almost any situation.

If you’re committed to each other, however, then couples therapy can help you recover together. Once you recognize your addiction and you decide to take action, it can be more than helpful to have a partner with you on your path to recovery.

You don’t have to sabotage your relationship because of your addiction, nor do you have to hide everything from your partner. With this kind of therapy, you can work on your issues in a positive and proactive way that involves the person you love most. For many addicts, this is a winning strategy that encourages long-term results.

Group Therapy and Counseling

As with any kind of addiction, the experience is personal. It’s easy to feel isolated and alone, as if no one will understand what you’re going through or how to fix it. With group therapy, you can learn from others and see that your addiction is far from an anomaly.

Being able to share with a group and listen to other’s stories can help you shed some light on your behaviors so that you don’t internalize them and let them fester. Group therapy shows that you have a support network committed to helping you beat your addiction. Seeing this kind of compassion in action can be a powerful motivator for most people.

Even if you’re uncomfortable sharing your experiences, being there in the moment with others as they open up about their addictions can still be cathartic and rewarding. Just knowing that other people are going through similar challenges can make the burden easier to bear.

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