Tia Strong, MS

Tia Strong is currently working toward her Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the University of North Texas. Tia, at present, is a Master’s level student intern completing her internship experience at Lifeworks Recovery with additional internship experience at Mayhill Behavioral Health Hospital. Tia has experience working with addiction and co-occurring disorders in adults, partners of sex addicts, codependence, mood disorders, and trauma.

Tia’s passion is counseling and collaborating with people to support them in their process of discovering and cultivating their inner resources to grow and evolve through life’s challenges. Tia’s own experience of the prevalence and effects of addiction compelled her to exit her career in sales to pursue an advanced degree in clinical counseling and specialized training in sex addiction. She believes addiction to be a pathological relationship with a mood-altering chemical or experience that is a progressive, chronic disease falling on a continuum of severity. That being said, she also views addiction to be highly treatable by way of supporting individuals in their process of cultivating their exclusive, internal resources required for recovery. Tia brings a distinct empathetic, authenticity to the therapeutic space allowing for her client’s to be committed to openness and experience reality in order to deepen their understanding of their needs, strengths, and own their sincere self.

Tia loves spending time with her 130-pound best animal friend, Bane an African Mastiff who enjoys chewing dry wall and napping in his spare time. She is also fond of yoga, reading, and being a food snob on occasion.

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