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Allie Whistler MS, LPC-Candidate, NCC

Allie graduated from Texas Woman’s University with a Master’s degree in Counseling and Development.

Allie has a diverse range of experiences, having worked with clients as young as five years old to senior citizens. Allie’s primary focus of her work thus far has been with adolescents presenting concerns of depression, anxiety, life transitions, eating disorders, sexual and gender identity. She endorses the approach of meeting clients where they are in order to ensure client comfort as well as to understand each client’s unique perspective on how they perceive the world.

Everyone is on a journey and searching for something: meaning, purpose, belonging, or connection. In our journey, we inevitably become lost or stuck. We can lose our sense of direction, or the path becomes too dense for us to continue forward. Allie views herself as a fellow traveler, working in collaboration with her clients. She lets clients take initiative and invite her to the task of striving together to clear the path or find a new direction.

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