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Allie Whistler MS, LPC Intern

Supervised by Lisa Grubbs PhD, LPC-S

Hi! I’m so glad you’re here to begin your counseling journey. Before we start, I’d like to introduce myself so you can decide if I would be a good fit as your counselor. 

I am originally from Allen, Texas, and I’m the second youngest of 4 kids in my family. When I finished high school, I attended University of North Texas where I completed my bachelor’s in psychology. After UNT, I worked at an insurance agency while deciding “what I wanted to do with my life.” I eventually found the courage to apply for graduate school and was accepted into the counseling and development program at Texas Woman’s University. I graduated from Texas Woman’s with my master’s degree in 2018. I met my husband during my undergraduate career at UNT. We live in Grapevine and enjoy spending time together being creative and nerdy by playing video games and tabletop games. I love to eat Thai cuisine and camping and hiking with friends. I aspire one day to learn how to make quilts (I’ll break out the sewing machine eventually). I also love to bake and watch too many documentaries and sitcoms on Netflix. 

I am a perfectionist who has struggled with my mental health for most of my life. I understand the need to persevere regardless of the opposing forces or feelings experienced in life. Since I was a young child, I have felt pressured to please and be accepted by others. In the process of attempting to achieve others’ acceptance, I lost myself.

My wake-up call to break my perfectionist and pleasing patterns occurred when my dad died in 2016. I began seeing a counselor to process my grief, and through this I learned I was not allowing myself to heal. My desire to just “get over it” and resume life “as usual” didn’t work. I learned the importance of needing space to feel and grieve. I began to recognize that I placed the pressure on myself, but I continued struggling to accept myself. Through counseling, I learned that I am enough.

I still struggle with self acceptance. However, I know and accept that healing is a process rather than a destination (that belief I had where I thought it was a destination was a part of my perfectionism- who would have thought?). As your counselor, my goal is to help you as my therapist helped me. I will provide a space where you can be yourself. Together we will explore what is blocking your path to healing, while reminding you that we are both perfectly imperfect humans. 

I look forward to meeting you. 

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