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Stevie Hall MS, LPC Intern, LCDC Intern, CSAT C

Stevie graduated from the University of North Texas with a Master’s degree in Counseling. She specialized her education and training in addiction, cognitive psychology, adolescent and adult development, juvenile offenders, women’s emotional health, and group counseling.

Stevie does not believe addiction is a moral issue. Though addiction may impact the choices one makes, she does not believe “bad” people exist. Therefore, her clinical experience has been focused toward helping clients understand the brain science of their addiction, as well as how their past experiences and environment may have impacted the development of their addiction.

Furthermore, through her own personal and professional experiences, Stevie has come to know recovery as a journey and not a final destination. Even once one has entered long-term recovery, maintaining recovery is an extremely important part of overcoming addiction. Maintaining recovery includes finding a holistic balance mentally, emotionally, socially, physically, and spiritually.

Stevie is also passionate about adolescent development. Part of her mission as a counselor is helping both teens and parents understand the uniqueness of adolescent development. In working with teens, Stevie uses “teen friendly” techniques of counseling that foster a strong relationship as she helps the teen navigate their experiences. She has in-depth knowledge about communication with teens and “tough topics” such as sex education, dating, establishing boundaries, cyber connections, and porn.

“My mission is to help individuals navigate through life in a collaborative relationship. It is important to me to establish a relationship with my clients where we work together to accept and overcome the curve balls of life. Just as an acorn has everything within itself that it needs to grow into a strong oak tree, I believe we as humans have the exact same potential.”

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