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Stevie Hall MS, LPC, NCC, CSAT

Education and Passion

Stevie graduated from the University of North Texas with a Master’s degree in Counseling. She is currently a PhD Candidate studying Psychology.

As a sex therapist, Stevie’s passion includes helping individuals and couples overcome sex and sexuality struggles including sex addiction, erectile dysfunction, low sex satisfaction in relationships, sexual anorexia and aversion, and intimacy issues by guiding them on their personal journey of healing. Drawing on her own journey of sexual healing, Stevie works with you to help you understand the biological, emotional, mental, and spiritual components of your struggles.

Sex Addiction

Stevie does not believe addiction is a moral issue, and she does not believe “bad” people exist. Her clinical approach is focused on helping you understand the brain science of your addiction, as well as how your past experiences and family system may have impacted the development of your addiction. Stevie will help you overcome your struggles with sex addiction, creating a healthier relationship with yourself, others, and with sex.

Sex and Sexuality

Stevie will work with you and/or your partner to help you overcome your struggles with sexuality. Her approach focuses on overcoming the pain, shame, and resentment cycles that often occur with sexual struggles. Stevie believes sex is meant to be a meaningful, connected experience with ourselves and our partners. However, many individuals have unhealthy relationships with sex because of culture, inadequate education, abuse, maladaptive coping skills, and family values. Stevie’s passion is to help you reconnect with your sexuality, creating a strong, healthy relationship that supports your connection to yourself and others.

Adolescent Development

Stevie is also passionate about adolescent development. Part of her mission as a counselor is helping both teens and parents understand the uniqueness of adolescent development, including sexuality. Stevie will use her knowledge and research to help you (the caregiver) understand the natural, biological, sexual development of your teens, as well as, problematic sexual behavior that may occur during this developmental period. In working with your teen, Stevie will use a “teen friendly” technique of counseling that fosters a strong relationship as she helps your teen navigate their experiences. Her in-depth knowledge about communication with teens and “tough topics” such as sex education, dating, establishing boundaries, cyber sex, and porn aids her in recognizing common maladaptive coping mechanisms that are established during this developmental period.

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