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Couples Sex Addiction Groups

New Foundations is a 14 week psychoeducational and experiential group for couples beginning their recovery journey. This group introduces couples to the concepts of addiction, the addiction model, and how addcition is a disease of a family system and what that means to the process of recovery and healing.

This group is for people who are searching for healing from sexual addiction, cybersex addiction, porn addiction, love addiction, sexual anorexia, and sexual codependence. The group consists of two 90 minute sessions, the first part pertaining to education, through lectures, videos, invited speakers, role playing and question and answers.

The second part of the program is a therapy group, divided into the needs of the participants and co-facilitated by addiction professionals. Each partner and addict group will focus on the various beliefs, thoughts, emotions and behaviors that are causing them comcern and driving their addictive and coaddictive behaviors.

Life Works Recovery brings many years of experience with sex addiction and coaddiction to the process, and utilizes Certified Sex Addiction Therapists (CSAT’s) and other experienced addiction professionals. This is the first program in the Dallas area of it’s kind, emphasizing the treatment of sex addicts and their partners in one task-centered model.

The beginning of the recovery journey is usually met with anger, fear, grief and loss. Life Works provides a process of helping people see things with new eyes and provides an environment where understanding and stopping the harmful and often dangerous behaviors can begin.

Through this 14 week focus group, Life Works Recovery will provide:

  • Licensed and seasoned professionals specially trained to meet the needs of newly recovering people.
  • Educational and experiential processes driven from current knowledge and research on sex addiction and healing.
  • A non-judgemental, supportive, and encouraging environment that fosters the self-awareness necessary to interrupt harmful behaviors, and supplies tools to sustain recovery.
  • Direction and encouragement around what successful recovering people do to be successful, including participating fully in a 12-step program.

Sex Addiction Therapist Dallas

In order for the group to work, several things will be necessary from you as a participant:

  • Attendence is expected at all 14 sessions, and you will be charged for all sessions. The group will start promptly at 9:00 am and end at noon on Saturdays. Please make a strong effort to be on time.
  • Participants are asked to refrain from excessive use of mood-altering substances, including alcohol, for those 14 weeks. This does not include doctor-ordered medications.
  • Participants in Couple’s New Foundations are expected to dress appropriately, and this will include business casual dress.

Counseling for Sex Addiction

Counseling for sex addiction and partner’s of sex addicts (POSA) is part of the group process. Partners and the addict should expect to learn new tools for communication, learn new boundaries around sex and sexuality and how to enforce them, find new and deeper meaning in their relationship, and strengthen the bond between them.

An initial deposit of $150.00 is required to reserve a place in the group. Please contact Chris at Life Works Recovery for more information or to reserve your place.