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Many couples who experience infidelity in the relationship choose to stay together. Healing from infidelity is not easy. For many couples, it can feel like there is no hope in sight.

Empowered Intimacy is a three day workshop designed to help you heal your relationship from infidelity and build a solid foundation so trust and intimacy may begin to grow. To do this, we must:

  • Recognize and Change Negative Cycles in Relationship
  • Repair Damage from Betrayal
  • Learn to Create Validation and Safety in the Relationship
  • Understand How to Love when Pain is Present
  • Grieve the Old Relationship and Build a New Relationship

Empowered Intimacy can give your relationship the tools needed to transform from a painful, hopeless relationship to one of compassion, empathy, and intimacy.

Each of our Empowered Intimacy intensive healing workshops are three days long. In the workshop you’ll gain valuable, evidence based information through presentations, group process, and break out sessions with your partner. You’ll have the opportunity to heal trauma and pain in the relationship with couple counseling and trauma counseling. Additionally, you’ll leave the weekend with a ‘tool box’ full of tools to help your relationship succeed.

You do not need your partner to attend. You are welcome to attend alone.

Your weekend is filled with:

  • Presentations by Infidelity and Relationship Experts
  • Individual Therapy
  • Couples Therapy
  • Group Process
  • Trauma Therapy and Support
  • Interventions and Techniques

Registration includes snacks and beverages throughout the workshop, a workbook, and individual, couples, and group therapy.

Upcoming Workshops:

July 2019

Early Bird (by July 1): $795 per client

Regular Registration: $950 per client


October 2019

Early Bird (by July 1): $795 per client

Regular Registration: $950 per client

Private Workshops are available.

Heal your relationship after infidelity by attending our three day intensive healing workshop, Empowered Intimacy.

We offer both group and private workshops. If you’d like more information regarding our workshops, please contact us.

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Stevie Hall, the facilitator of Hold Me Tight® Workshops at LifeWorks Recovery in Dallas, TX, was trained by Dr. Sue Johnson.