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Road to Recovery: A New Group for Those Affected by Addiction, Trauma, and/or Mental Health

by: Nick Overbeck MS, LPC, LCDC

This therapy and support group is created for those that are struggling with their loved one’s addictions, substance use, compulsive behaviors, anxiety, trauma depression, and/or other mental health issues. Additionally, individuals in recovery from any of the aforementioned issues are welcome to join to process, grow, and share their experiences. This group offers a new perspective on substance use, addiction, trauma, mental illness & wellness, and coping with them as well as tools on how to support your loved one and, most importantly, yourself in recovery.

From time to time, guest speakers may attend and share on specific topics within their clinical expertise. Participants may share their experiences, learn from experiences of others, and give and receive support. Group sessions also include lectures and/or discussions on psycho-educational topics related to addiction, self-care, healthy communication, setting limits for ourselves, mental health and wellness, working through trauma and crisis, and family recovery.

The principle of this group is to encourage, educate, and provide an outlet for the struggling to manage their life on their own. The facilitator will utilize resources from DBT, the 12 steps of recovery, CBT, and self-care skills to help each participant cope with their lives in a healthier way while also learning to improve their self-confidence, mental health concerns, and limit setting with others.

The group therapist that will be running this group will bring in diverse experiences from working in suicide prevention, college counseling, academic/career advising, anxiety and depression management, and working at a dual-diagnosis substance treatment center. Both personal and professional experience will be provided to help individuals work through their own issues and set limits for themselves. If this group seems interesting to you or you know of someone that might benefit from participating in this group, please feel free to contact the group therapist for a free in-person or over-the-phone consultation at:

972-313-5742 ext. 102

About the Group Facilitator

Nick Overbeck is both a Licensed Professional Counselor and Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor. Nick has nearly a decade of experience in mental health including college counseling, trauma informed treatment, career counseling, suicide prevention, crisis intervention, addiction treatment, promoting mental/emotional wellness in working professionals, and working with loved ones of those affected by addiction and/or mental illness.



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