I am often asked here, at Lifeworks Recovery, why should we use you or your staff. What makes a sex addiction therapist so special? Why use a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist or a CSAT?

As a Dallas sex addiction therapist, a CSAT, someone who has spent hundreds of hours training and thousands upon thousands of hours honing that training, the answer is simple. Why would you not want the best trained and most informed guide to your journey?

Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) is a credential that requires first and foremost, a desire to help people struggling from sexually compulsive behavior. While many people today claim the title of sex addiction therapist, only a handful of Dallas’ sex addiction therapist’s offer the passion, experience and training to assist the addict, his or her family and children, to arrest the harm from this progressive and intractable illness.

In order to be a CSAT, you must first make the time, and put in the effort, to attend four comprehensive training modules put on by IITAP, the the institute that certifies CSAT professionals.

Today, their are several organizations that are attempting to certify sex addiction therapists, but only one true organization, whose founder wrote the books on treating sex addiction, Dr Patrick Carnes.

Through the four training modules, many hours of supervision and many years to integrate the training into your practice, a CSAT, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist, is forged. It takes 10,000 hours to be a master of anything, has your sex addiction therapist spent the time?

People choose the therapists here at Lifeworks Recovery because of our training at the foremost training institute in the world, but also for another reason.

We know recovery, as we have “walked the path ourselves”.

Our desire at Life Works Recovery  is not just a desire to help others, but a passion to help others overcome addiction derived from having frequented the rooms that we now sit in to help others. The word passion is derived from the Latin “verb patere” meaning “to suffer”.

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