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If you are looking for sex addiction and betrayal trauma help in San Antonio, Life Works Recovery can help you and your loved ones interrupt the suffering and lies that are damaging your life and hurting the ones you love.

Everybody begins the same way, living their lives until something happens; they get arrested, their spouse or children find out, their job finds out or their inner world becomes so desolate and painful that they can no longer tolerate the cycles of indulgence and deprivation.

Life Works Recovery is an environment that facilitates and supports deep, meaningful change.  We use an approach based on attachment and trauma, relational depth, and treating the whole family system and whole individual, not just the behaviors, but their origin.

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LifeWorks Recovery - Sex Addiction Therapy

Address: 1100 Northwest Loop 410 Suite 700-E, San Antonio, TX 78213

Hours of Operation: Monday through Friday 9 am to 7 pm

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Laura G.
Laura G.
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The therapy they did on me at Life Works Recovery is definitely a life-changer. They understand my situation and provided the needed help for my recovery. The sessions are fun and will make you realize so much about life. Thank you for bringing me back to life.
Julia S.
Julia S.
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Staff cares a lot about their patients, and they are an overall gift to the community!
Landon D.
Landon D.
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I know many of the clinicians working at LifeWorks Recovery to be excellent, highly capable therapists.


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If you are dealing with sex addiction, feel free to give us a call for more information.

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