Sex Addiction Treatment Facilities

There is Hope

LifeWorks sex addiction treatment facilities offer a wide range of services for individuals and families. We’ll help you design the personalized program that’s right for you.

One-on-One Counseling

If you’re just coming to terms with sex addiction, or if you need to discuss issues on your own in a safe, confidential setting, individual counseling with a sex addiction therapist provides support for discussing difficult issues. Our licensed therapists are highly qualified and use proven psychotherapy methods to assist you. In one-on-one counseling sessions, you and your therapist will work together to discover:

  • What’s driving your sexual behavior
  • Why it’s so difficult to change on your own
  • How sex addiction is affecting your primary partner
  • How unresolved past experiences, including childhood trauma or sexual abuse, are influencing your present-day decisions

Group Counseling

With a Sex Addition Therapist in Dallas

Everyone begins life as part of a group, which is made up of our family of origin. Sometimes, these groups fail to provide nurturing, sound guidance, love, and respect. At LifeWorks, we believe people get better in groups, and we think groups provide a healing alternative to possibly toxic family relationships.

At our sex addiction treatment facilities, we manage groups in a safe, supportive, and structured way, following proven protocols to develop healing circles of trust and security. In addition to offering general group meetings, we provide a 14-week New Foundations group dedicated to helping couples understand sex addiction and how it affects families.

Groups, which consist both of people struggling with sex addiction and their primary partners, can help you to:

  • Stay accountable for promises you make, both to yourself and to your family
  • Improve your basic relationship skills and help you become a better communicator
  • Understand your strengths while putting your limitations in a healthy, shame-free context
  • Accept the reality of your situation instead of remaining in denial
  • Discuss your fears, challenges, and victories in a confidential environment
  • Heal yourself by providing encouragement and support to others

Partner Groups

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Healing sex addiction in Dallas isn’t just about changing an individual. It’s about repairing broken relationships and dysfunctional family dynamics. Whether you’re a sex addiction patient or a partner, you shouldn’t go through this struggle alone. Contact LifeWorks’ sex addiction treatment facilities now.
The partners of sex addiction patients cope with feelings of betrayal, powerlessness, and frustration. They often feel ashamed to confide in close friends and family, which leave them feeling isolated and depressed.

Partners may struggle with feelings of worthlessness and resentment, or they blame themselves for the actions of their spouses. Meeting other people with similar challenges lets them know they’re not alone.

LifeWorks partner groups provide a safe space for partners of sex addiction patients to openly discuss their pain and their struggles. Partners learn skills for improving relationships, communicating openly with their spouses, and setting boundaries around sexual behavior.