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Internet Sex Screening Test

Here at Lifeworks Recovery, as porn addiction experts, we often hear — Am I A Porn Addict? The porn addict test we use, the internet sex screening test, is the first test a person should take if they think they have a problem. Porn addiction is a problem affecting many people today,some as young as 11 years old. With the advent of the internet, and porns availability, anonymity and cost (most is free) it is one of the fastest growing problems of the 21st century. No longer is pornography thought of as harmless, and in fact, pornography causes brain damage and the brains of porn addicts are very similar to the brains of addicts addicted to substances (See

Pornography Addiction Treatment

Porn addiction treatment starts with an initial assessment and asking for help from a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT). While porn addiction remains controversial to those who don’t work with it everyday, those of us in the trenches with this highly addictive disease have little doubt about porns ability to damage not only the brains of those whi use it, but their families, children, bank accounts, and careers. There have been significant advances in understanding sex addiction, and porn addiction in the last few years. The neuroscince of porn addiction is becoming increasingly clear, please see the Neuroscience of Internet Pornography Addiction: A Review and Update.

To understand sex addiction as a disease, see Sex Addiction as a Disease: Evidence forAssessment, Diagnosis, and Response to Critics.

The number one question we get as sex addiction experts is sex addiction a disease? See Should compulsive sexual behavior be considered an addiction? (2016) To find out if you are a sex addict take the Am I A Sex Addict test.

Counseling for Porn Addiction

Counseling for porn addiction begins with hiring a competent and well-trained CSAT, and begins with a thorough in-person assessment and diagnosis. The beginning step is to take the Internet Sex Screening Test (ISST). This inventory asks questions about online and offline sexual behavior. Please respond “Yes” to the items which apply to your behavior and “No” to the items which do not apply.

Yes No 1. I have some sexual sites bookmarked.
Yes No 2. I spend more than 5 hours per week using my computer for sexual pursuits.
Yes No 3. I have joined sexual sites to gain access to online sexual material.
Yes No 4. I have purchased sexual products online.
Yes No 5. I have searched for sexual material through an Internet search tool.
Yes No 6. I have spent more money for online sexual material than I planned.
Yes No 7. Internet sex has sometimes interfered with certain aspects of my life.
Yes No 8. I have participated in sexually related chats.
Yes No 9. I have a sexualized username or nickname that I use on the Internet.
Yes No 10. I have masturbated while on the Internet.
Yes No 11. I have accessed sexual sites from other computers besides my home.
Yes No 12. No one knows I use my computer for sexual purposes.
Yes No 13. I have tried to hide what is on my computer or monitor so others cannot
see it.
Yes No 14. I have stayed up after midnight to access sexual material online.
Yes No 15. I use the Internet to experiment with different aspects of sexuality (e.g.,
bondage, homosexuality, anal sex, etc.)
Yes No 16. I have my own website which contains some sexual material.
Yes No 17. I have made promises to myself to stop using the Internet for sexual purposes.
Yes No 18. I sometimes use cybersex as a reward for accomplishing something (e.g.,
finish a project, stressful day, etc.)
Yes No 19. When I am unable to access sexual information online, I feel anxious,
angry, or disappointed.
Yes No 20. I have increased the risks I take online (give out name and phone number,
meet people offline, etc.)
Yes No 21. I have punished myself when I use the Internet for sexual purposes (e.g.,
time-out from computer, cancel Internet subscription, etc.)
Yes No 22. I have met face to face with someone I met online for romantic purposes.
Yes No 23. I use sexual humor and innuendo with others while online.
Yes No 24. I have run across illegal sexual material while on the Internet.
Yes No 25. I believe I am an Internet sex addict.

Total  Your Answers:

If you answered Yes to 0-3 Q’s – you’re probably not sexually addicted

If you answered Yes to 4-6 Q’s – you may have a problem

If you answered Yes to 7 or more questions, we suggest you seek help for cybersex addiction, internet sex addiction or pornographic addiction.

Internet Sex Screening Test used with permission from:

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Duquesne University
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Disclaimer: This assessment is for informational purposes only and cannot substitute for a full evaluation by a clinical professional; the assessment should only be used as a guide to understanding your sexual behavior and the potential consequences associated with that behavior. If you are concerned about your Internet sexual behavior, please seek professional help.