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Dallas Certified Sex Addiction Therapists

Sex is amazing, especially when you share it with someone you feel deeply for. Sex can also be complicated and stressful and cause harm to self and others. Like anything it seems, sex, like love and life — requires balance. Fortunately, you don’t have to be alone when you navigate your sexual health.

If you or someone you love is suffering from sexual addictions or difficulties, there’s no need to be ashamed. The first step in healing is reaching out for help.

If you’re looking for a Sex Therapist in Dallas, Texas, you’ve come to the right place. Lifeworks Recovery offers sex therapy, couples therapy, adolescent therapy, group therapy, and addiction counseling for individuals and couples.

Use this article as the start of your journey to sexual and relational healing. We’re here to answer your questions and help you feel like you again.

Today, we’ll cover the following:

  • What is Sex Therapy? Is it Right for Me?
  • What is Marriage and Couples Counselling?
  • Five Signs You Need a Sex Therapist
  • Find a Dallas Sex Counseling And Treatment Center

What is Sex Therapy? Is it Right For Me?

Seeing a Dallas sex therapist and counselor is is the first step. You’re receiving professional guidance from a trained counselor with expertise in sex addiction and healthy sexuality, as well as training and clinical experience with marriage counseling, family counseling adolescent counseling.

There was once a negative stigma surrounding therapy and mental health, but societal thinking has changed. Getting couples therapy in Dallas, individual therapy, teen counseling, is no longer a cause for shame.

You can’t fix your love life until you recognize there’s a problem. And you’re not alone in your pain. Over nine million Americans cope with one or more forms of sexual addiction.

If you care about your sexual health and your relationship, you should see a sex therapist and sex addiction therapist. Understanding the difference between healthy sex and impulsive or compulsive sex can make a huge difference in your life and relationships. Even if you already have a healthy marriage or relationship, consulting a sex therapist and sex addiction therapist in Dallas can only benefit you and your partner.

What is Marriage and Couples Counselling?

Marriage counseling in Dallas isn’t just for couples having marital issues. Couples counseling can benefit newlyweds, fiancees and couples that have been together for years. Everyone can benefit from a sex checkup!

Couples counseling in Dallas is about finding solutions to the problems that you and your significant other can’t resolve on your own.

If you find yourselves constantly at odds and repeating the same fight over and over, it’s time to have a professional guide you.

Marriage and couples counseling are the solution for people that want to address the root issues of their relationship and better understand their partners. Counseling is also beneficial and necessary for relationships affected by sexual addictions.

Don’t let your fighting ruin your relationship. Instead, attend couples therapy in Dallas and fight for the health of your relationship.

Five Signs You Need a Sex Therapist

There are several signs to suggest you and/or your significant other should find a sex therapist in Dallas. Of the many causes, these are the five main signs it’s time to see a counselor.

  • It hurts when your partner is unfaithful, but that doesn’t mean your relationship needs to end. People cheat for a reason. Through couples counseling, you can find the root of the problem – why there was cheating – and attempt to move beyond your infidelities.
  • Sex Addiction. If one partner’s sexual desire far outweighs the other, it can be hard to have a comfortable and satisfying love life. One person feels like they can’t give enough and the other feels like they can’t control their extreme sexual arousal.
  • Porn Addiction. While pornographic material can be a healthy activity for consenting adults, it can just as easily become an addiction. If you’re watching porn more often than you choose to have sex with your partner, you need a sex therapist to help you address your possible porn addiction
  • Betrayal. Weather it’s getting caught in a lie or feeling like your partner isn’t living up to your expectations, betrayal comes in many forms. It can leave you feeling trapped -like you need to escape your relationship. When someone feels betrayed, they often isolate themselves, and would rather be alone than with their partner.
  • Love Addiction. A healthy relationship is an even balance – a give-and-take of love and caring. It should be reciprocal – not codependent. Your significant other can mean the world to you, but if they are the only thing that matters in your world, that will strain your relationship.
  • If one of more of these symptoms apply to you, it’s time to schedule an appointment with a sex therapist in Dallas, TX. Lifeworks Recovery is one of, it not the best sex therapists In Dallas. And this is how we can help you heal.

Find a Dallas Sex Counseling And Treatment Center

Now that you’ve learned more about sex therapy, marriage counseling and the signs of sex addiction, ask yourself the following question:

Is it time for you and your partner to see a sex therapist?

In summary, you should know the following…

  • A psychologist Dallas Tx and a Sex Therapist in Dallas are almost the same thing. Both are qualified to treat mental conditions.
  • Sex therapists specializes in treating sex addictions and helping couples overcome problems in their relationships. Sex therapy is all about a patient’s sexual health and weel-being.
  • Couples counseling in Dallas is an option that everyone should consider. Even if you feel your relationship is perfectly healthy, you can benefit from a sex therapist’s professional opinion.
  • There are many reasons you should see a sex therapist. The five main signs are infidelity, sex addiction, porn addiction, betrayal and love addiction.
  • LifeWorks Recovery can help you and your loved ones overcomes sex addiction through sexual and relational healing.

For sex therapy, couples counseling, and marriage counseling Dallas Tx, contact us by mail or call us now. Our dedicated counselors and sex addiction therapists are here to help you heal.