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Sex Addiction Groups

Sex addiction groups form the foundation for healing from sexual compulsion, as well as for the partners and wives betrayed and traumatized by the addicts behavior. Sex addiction groups serve a number of different and important purposes including:

  • Providing accountability for the addict to be honest and follow through with commitments.
  • Re-create unheathy family dynamics in the now for therapists and clients to understand.
  • Allow for learning new healthy family dynamics and intimacy abilities.
  • Providing shame reduction through connection to others with same problems.
  • Practice new tools and insights learned with peers.
  • Build new and lasting recovery friendships and secure attachment bonds.
  • Learning important psychoeducational and relational information to create insight.

Dallas Sex Addiction Therapy

As Dallas sex addiction counselors, we are trained to treat and understand codependency and coaddiction, as well as sex addiction, love addiction, and other process addictions — which are unhealthy relationships with mood altering behaviors. The behaviors and obsession that goes with them are primarily repression mechansisms for unresolved grief, sorrow, and loss.

These early and often still present pains were often experienced in our first “group experience”, our family of origin.

Often the feelings, beliefs, and thinking that drive unhealthy behavior are outside of our awareness, even though they are obvious to others. This is where groups come in. Our Dallas sex addiction groups help individuals from all walks of life overcome their addictions.

Our sex addiction, love addiction and partners of sex addicts groups provide integral pieces of recovery and healing that can’t be obtained in other ways, such as individual therapy or 12-step groups alone. These therapist led groups are intended to be part of a robust recovery plan that includes 12-step work, individual therapy, couples therapy and groups, and medication management.

Lifeworks Recovery therapists are specially trained as sex addiction therapists and understand that, essentially, people get better in groups, as our “original group” what is known as our “family-of-origin”, was intended to be a system that effectively nurtured us, and helped with:

  • Helping recognize reality and break denial
  • Create and understand healthy sexuality
  • Help understand and encourage strengths
  • Helping accept limitations or have healthy shame
  • Provide a mechanism of accountability and responsibility
  • Provide modeling of healthy behaviors
  • Helping learn basic relationship skills
  • Understanding boundaries and healthy communication
  • Understanding and identifying feelings

LifeWorks Recovery provides a number of groups to help the addict and partner in whatever part of the recovery life-cycle they are in, from beginning recovery to repair to extended growth stages to couples recovery.

If you are dealing with sex addiction in Dallas, feel free to give us a call for more information or to for an assessment for what group best fits your or a loved ones needs.