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What Is Couple Therapy?

From: Couple Therapy: An information guide (© 1999 CAMH)

Couple therapy is a means of resolving problems and conflicts that couples have not been able to handle effectively on their own. It involves both partners sitting down with a trained professional to discuss their thoughts and feelings. The aim is to help them gain a better understanding of themselves and their partner, to decide if they need and want to make changes, and if so, to help them to do so.

When it's Time to seek Marriage Counseling

How do you know when you need marriage therapy or if you can just “wait it out” for things to get better? It may be time for help when:

  • You and your partner are stuck on the same issues and fighting more often.
  • Sex addiction is present in your marriage.
  • You think or know one of you has had an affair or is thinking of having an affair.
  • One (or both) of you wants out of the relationship.
  • You start to wonder if you really love your partner any more or if your partner loves you.
  • Either of you thinks you are not having sex often enough or it isn’t fulfilling or fun.
  • You or your partner is controlling or demanding.
  • Your fights are escalating and you’re afraid they will get out of control.
  • You feel like you can’t do or say anything right anymore without your partner getting angry, hurt or defensive.
  • You feel like you are walking on eggshells when your partner is around.
  • You can’t honestly communicate about what’s bothering you.
  • You would rather be alone than together.
  • And don’t forget about pre-marital counseling and counseling for unmarried couples.

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