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Sex addiction doesn’t harm just you; it can also hurt the people who matter most in your life. If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, seek help for sex addiction:

  • Do you spend more time online viewing pornography, chatting about sex online with strangers, or participating in webcam sex than you do having real-life intimate relationships?
  • Do sexual thoughts and fantasies preoccupy a large portion of your time?
  • Have you lied to your partner about spending money on sex, or do you lie about your whereabouts?
  • Is it difficult for you to stay interested in sexual relationships once the newness has worn off?
  • Are your sexual activities disturbing to you after they happen, or are you placing yourself in danger of getting arrested?
  • Are you cruising public places to solicit anonymous sex, or have you had a sexual relationship with a minor?
  • After having sex, do you often feel depressed or regretful?
  • Have you encountered problems at work or home because of your sexual activities, such as missed appointments, broken relationships, or career setbacks?
  • Do you frequently acquire sexually transmitted infections, and have you placed your spouse at risk for getting an infection?
  • Do you feel like your sexual behavior controls you, not the other way around?

We provide support and counseling as you seek to understand why you’re struggling with sex addiction. Together, you’ll discover whether family history, past abuse, or other factors have led you to seek solace in sex.

Your therapist will help you restore feelings of dignity and self-respect by developing strategies to manage your behavior. You’ll also have support while you rebuild trust with family, friends, and employers. In many cases, sex addiction is less about sex and more about intimacy issues. Your therapist will help you learn to build deeper, longer-lasting connections and learn the benefits of true intimacy.

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From an Experienced Sex Addiction Therapist

Working with a sex addiction therapist means access to an experienced and ethical professional. Certified therapists fulfill state licensure requirements, ensuring that you receive the highest standard of care available.

If you’re feeling defeated and exhausted because of sex addiction in Dallas, let a certified sex addiction therapist from LifeWorks help. Start regaining control of your life and contact us now by email or if you desire a faster response and wish to talk to someone directly and confidentially by phone click here.