The partners of sex addicts recovery is often last to be addressed, simply because when you are the partner of a sex addict, you can be so devastated from processing all the pain and trauma you’ve experienced and trying to figure out what your partner needs that you forget your own need for healing. Often, partners of sex addicts find themselves in the background of the recovery process, confused about what’s going on, and uncertain about their role and all the conflicting emotions they’re feeling. What’s worse, the background may already be all-too familiar territory for people who have spent significant time in a tumultuous, chaotic, and confusing relationship with an addict, even if they only just learned of the addiction.


Betrayal, Deception and Trauma

You are reeling from betrayal and deception — it’s time to step out of the background and try to find the healing that can come from the crisis. Many times, partners of sex addicts are in the habit of taking care of everyone but themselves, and the idea of caring for a recovering addict is overwhelming. The trauma the betrayal causes needs a competent well trained professional to help you. The idea of taking care of yourself may even be a foreign concept, and that’s where LifeWorks Recovery can help you find stability, connection, context, greater understanding of what you’re feeling and experiencing, and most importantly, we can help you find recovery of your own.

In her poem, “The Uses of Sorrow”, Mary Oliver writes:

“Someone I loved once gave me
a box full of darkness.
It took me years to understand
that this, too, was a gift.”


Partners Of Sex Addicts Recovery

Recovery is possible. It is extremely painful and disorienting to discover that someone we love has lied to us, and it’s very difficult to see any hope of change or repair in the relationship. Reach out to one of the qualified counselors at LifeWorks Recovery today, and find the healing which can come from the “box of darkness” that is being the partner of a sex addict.

Partners of sex addicts recovery is not an illusion. You can heal from the betrayal and trauma.