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If you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area or North Central Texas, schedule an appointment with LifeWorks Recovery. Our sex addiction counselors are ready to help you regain control of your life.

If you desire a faster response and wish to talk to someone directly and confidentially by phone click here.

The addicts family always needs assistance as well. Sex addictionlike all addictions, compulsions or illnesses, can have lasting effects on everyone.

Contact us to schedule testing, assessment and treatment for sexual addiction, counseling or support not only for you, but also for loved ones effected by harmful or destructive behavior.

Your Privacy is Important To Us

Sex addiction counseling is a sensitive subject, and we understand the importance of privacy. We never share your contact information with third parties, and everything you share with our sex addiction counselors remains confidential.

Why You Should Contact Us

We are only as sick as the secrets we keep. Sex addiction is a secretive and shameful way of living with many negative consequences. Families, friends and jobs are lost. People get arrested. People can catch and spread an STD. Don’t wait until the worst happens, or for more to happen before you seek help.

Even if you think the worst has already happened, remember sex addiction and porn addiction escalate over time. We often share in the story of increasing loss. Addiction seems to take all that matters first.

Don’t let sex addiction tear your most important relationships apart. Don’t let it tear you apart any further. Contact LifeWorks for sex addiction counseling in Dallas, and start the healing process today.