Testimonials - Life Works Recovery


  • “Wonderful and highly knowledgeable counselors! LifeWorks is truly an excellent place for those looking for recovery and healing.”

  • “I didn’t think that I could stop acting out. I had done it for so long, and believed if anyone really knew me, they wouldn’t stay. I kept lying so my family wouldn’t leave. In the end, they stayed, and I got honest for the first time in my life. Thank you Life Works.”

  • “I highly recommend LifeWorks Recovery for counseling services. I have been seeing Chris Lorenc for counseling for awhile, and the sessions have changed my life. I feel as though I have able to step out of the darkest hole in my life. I was going nowhere, and I was stuck. It’s true that most healing occurs in counseling due to the counselor-client relationship, and I have found that to be on target. Chris helped me navigate through my past, which includes alcohol addiction due to sexual abuse as a child and sexual harassment. Chris has combined empathy, warmth, humor, and confronting me on my blind spots when necessary. I appreciate his persistence in helping me when, at times, I wanted to quit counseling when the going got especially tough. I will always be grateful for his work with me.”

  • “Came in seeking freedom from addiction but have grown in so many more ways and really rediscovered who I am inside. Truly came to life!”