Partner’s Sex Addiction Groups

Recovery and Trauma

Partner’s sex addiction recovery and trauma groups and workshops are the path to healing for the traumatized partner of a sex addict. Experiencing sexual betrayal and deceit create traumatic experience, and experiential group therapy is the most effective treatment process, and when combined with an expert certified sex addiction therapist CSAT, a wife or partner of a sex addict has the best chance to heal, and learn to thrive and create healthy sexual boundaries.

Partner of Sex Addicts Help

Partners of addicts and sex addicts have historically been lost in the shuffle of recovery, as the addict gets most of the early attention. Partners are deeply traumatized and a trauma and sex therapist specialist is necessary. This is a very painful place for us, as we have lived with the addict, felt the deep pain of betrayal, and fought to help the addict see their problem.

Often though, our reality is then overlooked and we are blamed for being the cause of the sex addicts problems. While we certainly have been traumatized and develeoped the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and complex trauma, we did not cause the addict to betray us, steal our serenity, and make us fear for our own lives.

While we try to find our footing in early recovery, it is important we get help in understanding how we have been harmed, how that harm has created stored traumatic experiences, memories and their associated feelings, images and bodily sensations, that haunt us throughout the days and nights. EMDR, partner groups, journaling, exercise, and other recovering men and women are key at this time.

It is also critical that we begin to treat the family system: understanding the impact of addiction not only on ourselves, but on our children, and beginning to understand the history of our family through the generations of our ancestors and what they handed to us, both good and bad, to put a halt to the addictive cycles. Understanding our family system and the addict’s is the only empowered place we can come from now. It is the only thing within our control; to care for and heal our children and understand and heal ourselves.

The time has come now, for us to begin to nurture ourselves from the years of devastation we have experienced as part of an addictive system. We know pain and anger very well, along with their cousins, deceit and betrayal, and now wish to know and experience peace.

In order to get there, we need other recovering men and women to guide us, even carry us at times, and these men and women we need must be part of a group. It is in these groups that the deep and necessary healing begins and flourishes.

Essentially, people get better in groups, as our “original groups”, our family of origin, were intended to be a system that effectively nurtured us, and helped us with:

  • Providing a crisis support system by people who understand
  • Effectively treating trauma and the family system
  • Providing accountability and helping with self-soothing
  • Helping us focus inward, rather than outward
  • Provide modeling of healthy behaviors
  • Helping learn basic relationship skills
  • Understanding boundaries and healthy communication
  • Understanding and identifying feelings

Sex Addiction Therapist

LifeWorks Recovery and staff of sex addiction therapists, and certified sex addiction therapists (CSAT) provide a number of partner groups, workshops and intensives to help the partner in whatever part of the recovery life-cycle he or she are in, from beginning recovery to repair to extended growth stages to couples recovery.

A sex addiction therapist can help you, the addict and the family system heal from the debilitating effects of sex addiction and the corresponding complex trauma. As a partner of a sex addict, you don’t have to suffer in silence or alone any longer.

Feel free to give us a call for more information or to for an assessment for what group best fits your or a loved oned needs.