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Our workshops and intensives at LifeWorks Recovery are designed to heop you take steps to make a change within yourself and your relationshps in a short amount of time. Whether you are joining us for the weekend or supplementing your current therapeutic work, we are confident you will walk away from the weekend with a changed mind and heart.

Hold Me Tight™

Hold Me Tight™ is a two day workshop designed to help couples take tremendous strides in healing their connection.

This Workshop is beneficial for couples who:

  • Feel they they have lost connection
  • Find themselves in arguments over and over without resolution
  • Lost emotional and physical intimacy
  • Often feel the relationship is more negative than positive
  • Struggle to let go of resentments
  • Are interested in building a stronger, more connected relationship

Empowered Intimacy™: Moving from Betrayal to Intimacy

The Empowered Intimacy Workshop is based on the ground-breaking research of Sue Johnson’s EFT theory for couples. Research indicates that 86-90% of couples who undergo EFT therapy have significant improvement in their relationship.

This intensive aims to:

• Help Understand the Negative Conflict Cycles in the Relationship

• Acknowledge Attachment Injuries such as Betrayal and Abandonment

• Overcome Negative Cycles & Attachment Injuries through Evidence Based Interventions

•Grow More Intimate and Safe in the Relationship by Creating New Interaction Styles

Dating in Recovery Workshop

Recovering Sex and Love Addicts can have fulfilling and sustaining relationships. The key? Finding and identifying partners to create a healthy relationship. This can be challenging, but not impossible. Join us and several other men and women on the journey to finding and creating healthy relationships. You’ll leave the workshop with the understanding of:

  • The Role of Attachment
  • Modern Courtship
  • Arousal Templates
  • How to Disclose Your Addiction
  • Dating Plans
  • Dating Coaching & Tips

Understanding Heartbreak

This workshop will help clients with understanding the
trauma and heartbreak partners experience with betrayal.
You will learn ways to understand and empathize with the traumatic
responses happening, and find ways to recover and heal
the relationship.
Topics and Exercises Include:

  • Complex Partner Trauma
  • Thirteen Dimensions of Trauma
  • Domains of Impact
  • Exercises to Create Empathy
  • Building Skills of Support