Our Staff

Chris Lorenc


Chris provides sexual addiction counseling and love addiction counseling, as well as counseling for couples. individuals and families. Chris began his journey more than 42 years ago, like many of his clients, struggling with the pain and suffering he created for himself, and he brings unique expertise and insight to the counseling and recovery process. Insights earned in his own journey of healing and sustained recovery, and insights from many hours as a counselor treating sexual issues and their origin.

Chris works to combines personal recovery with clinical expertise and he completed a Master of Science in clinical counseling from the University of North Texas. He spent a number of years as a clinical case manager in an inpatient treatment center specializing in the treatment and understanding of sexual issues, sexual addiction, pornography addiction, drug addiction, and grief and trauma. Chris has more than 17 years in private practice specializing in treating sex addiction as well as partners of sex addicts and the children and family members in an addicted family system, and many years of personal recovery that allow him to have a unique view and powerful insight about the healing process, as well as a deep understanding of how to be an effective Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT).

Chris is both gentle and compassionate, yet straightforward and able to confront the disease from a place of empathy and understanding. He has trained with the leading experts in sexual addiction, co-addiction, and multiple addictions, including Dr. Patrick Carne’s, (Out Of The Shadows, Betrayal Bond, Facing The Shadow, Contrary To Love), and Dr. Ken Adams, (When He Is Married To Mom).

Chris is a Level II EMDR therapist, a Certified Partner Trauma Therapist (CPTT) and he utilizes a relational depth to addiction recovery and provides services to the entire family system, including individual, couples, and family therapy. Chris uses cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) as well as Emotionally Focused Therapy and Internal Family systems (IFS).  Chris and his colleagues utilize experiential techniques such as group therapy, psychodrama, and art therapy. Chris is respected by, and connected to, a referral network of the top addiction professionals in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area and around the country. Chris will work hard to provide the services needed for you and your family, and will connect you with inpatient, outpatient, 12-step, and other services as needed.

Chris spends quiet time playing guitar, painting, and enjoys his reef tank hobby. He is an avid reader and an animal person, enjoying his two miniature schnauzers Emma and Ellie as well as his 38 year old parrot, Willie Bird. Chris is in a committed relationship with his long-time love, Rebecca and enjoys nature and traveling the world.

***Primarily telehealth since March of 2020***