Treatment for Sex Buyers

One in Five Men have Paid for Sex

Many men find themselves in the cycle of paying for sex and cannot stop, even if they wish to. Their behavior leads them to act against their values, over and over again. At LifeWorks Recovery, we have a treatment program specific to helping men who pay for sex stop their behavior and take the steps they need to so that they can transform and heal.

LifeWorks Recovery  guides you through a treatment program supported by research and specifically designed to help men who pay for sex heal.

Course and Group

LifeWorks helps men heal through the following ways:

  • Therapeutic Approach by CSAT trained therapists
  • Awareness of the impact of trauma and attachment on the behavior
  • Creates Awareness of Problem & Interrupts Behavior
  • Breaks through Denial
  • Facilitates Understanding of Behavior
  • Creates Awareness of the Impact on Self, Family, and others.
  • Healing of  Intimacy Disorders and Intimacy Avoidance
  • Facilitates Repairing Damage (Self & Relationships)
  • Understanding of Partner Betrayal Trauma

LifeWorks Recovery helps men who pay for sex stop their behaviors and heal.