Frisco Sex Addiction Therapist

We Specialize In Helping People

As sex therapists and sex addiction therapists at Lifeworks Recovery, we specialize in helping people understand and align with their own unique sexual and relational values. We specialize in understanding both healthy and unhealthy sexuality and provide couples therapy, individual therapy, group therapy, adolescent therapy and relationship and recovery coaching to not just people who recognize sex or relational problems, but also healthy individuals, couples, families and teens understand and live a fulfilling sexual and relational life. We guide you to empowered maturity. Issues that can be addressed at a Frisco sex counseling and treatment center include:

  • Anxiety surrounding sex
  • Lack of sexual desire
  • Impotence
  • Recovery from sexual abuse or assault
  • Uncertainty about sexual orientation
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Sexual avoidance or anorexia
  • Sexual addiction and hyper-arousal
  • Porn overuse and addiction
  • Love avoidance
  • Love addiction

Professional Setting

Many people harbor misconceptions about sexual related problems and sex therapy and addiction and relationship therapy. The topic can and is, taboo for many, but sexual problems are very common. A sex therapist and addiction relationship therapist is a trained professional who helps individuals address problems in an appropriate manner. Sessions are held in a comfortable and professional setting, free from shame.

Inside A Session

Sex therapy is just like other forms of marriage counseling or psychological therapy. A client talks through their questions, concerns, issues and anything else they want to discuss with a trained professional. A sex therapist and counselor will work one-on-one with their patient to identify and address self-defeating behaviors or thoughts.

Working With Couples

It may be helpful for a partner or spouse to attend a couples counseling session and be a part of the conversation. A therapist can determine the best time to include a partner; as well as the role a partner should play in treatment. Sometimes simply understanding the issues is enough; other times a partner can help their loved one overcome issues.

Impact Of Sexual Health Problems

When a physical or mental issue prevents sexual satisfaction this can lead to depression and feelings of shame or embarrassment. These feelings can lead to additional health problems and decrease a patient’s quality of life. For a couple, this can negatively impact communication and cause problems in the relationship.

The Importance Of Health

Sexual health is a key component of both mental and physical well being. Addressing sexual problems can resolve or prevent symptoms and outlying issues. Sex therapy strives to resolve problems and give the patient their health and happiness, while also allowing the patient to lead a fulfilling life. Ways sex therapy can improve a patient’s life:

  • Increase confidence
  • Learn how to effectively communicate with their partner
  • Find joy in other areas of their lives
  • Let go of stress
  • Learn to identify triggers before problems develop


Many sex therapists focus on being mindful and focusing on the present. Sexual issues including sex and porn addiction are often related to difficulty in regulation of emotions and behaviors. Anxiety, self-doubt and even stress from other areas of life can overwhelm an individual while they are with their partner. Patients are taught to block out distractions and negative thoughts and to simply focus on the moment.

Cause And Effect

Physical problems can often contribute to the psychological issues that require sex therapy. Pain, discomfort, impotence and other physical symptoms can present a challenge for individuals and couples to work through. Without clear and open communication the psychological problems can intensify if one partner does not understand the physical or mental pain of the other.

Treating The Full Body

A sex therapist can treat the psychological issues a patient presents and refer their patients to a qualified medical professional who can treat the physical symptoms. Sex therapists often work alongside other medical professionals to deliver a full spectrum of care to address all issues.

How To Find The Best Sex Therapists In Frisco

Once you decide to work with a sex therapist you need to find the right professional. Two important factors should drive your decision. The ideal therapist would make you feel comfortable speaking openly and honestly about very personal topics and have experience and knowledge about healthy and unhealthy sex, relationships, communications, and healing.


Trust is a big component of finding the right Frisco sex counseling and treatment center. Discussing sexual problems can put many people in a vulnerable state. The right therapist will move at their patient’s pace and give them the time and space they need to feel comfortable and safe.

Professional Training and Experience

Sex therapist and sex addiction therapists through training, education and experience learn how to best treat patients with sexual-based problems.

Start Healing

Making the decision to seek help for any issue, sexual or otherwise, is a big step. Talking through issues can help patients get to the root of their problems and help address other psychological or physical problems. Marriage or couples therapy can help individuals learn to lead healthy and satisfying lives. Give us a call now, we can help.