Grapevine Sex Addiction Therapist

Sex Addiction Therapist Grapevine

A Grapevine sex addiction therapist will assist you in your battle with sex and porn addiction. You have the power to change your relationship with sex and we are here to help you. Our therapists at LifeWorks Recovery Grapevine guide you in a journey of sexual and relational healing by overcoming sex addiction. In our professional training and experience, when an individual heals their sexual and relational parts, they are able to have more empowering marriages and relationships with others.

Break Free From Addiction

You deserve to have true intimacy and connection in your relationships; addiction fogs our ability to have this intimacy and connection leaving us feeling lonely and isolated looking for something to make us feel better. Our therapists at LifeWorks Recovery Grapevine will support your healing process to break free from porn addiction, sex addiction, love addiction, drug/alcohol addiction, and betrayal and infidelity.

In addition, our therapists at LifeWorks Recovery Grapevine facilitate healing for more than addiction; if you find that you are struggling with lack of connection and passion, fighting all the time, experiencing sexual dysfunction  in your relationship with you partner, we can support you in healing your relationship leading to empowering connection.

Which Types of Therapy

Are Offered at LifeWorks Recovery Grapevine?

We offer a systematic approach to healing; this means we extend services beyond individual therapy. Our therapists provide a variety of services including couples therapy, child & adolescent therapy, and play therapy. Additionally, we utilize methods to compliment traditional talk therapy including, but not limited to: EMDR and trauma therapy, psychodrama, sex therapy, play therapy, art therapy, and more.