Our Staff

Audrey Malacara

MS, LPC, NCC, CSAT Candidate

Audrey received her Master’s in Counseling from the University of North Texas specializing in Play Therapy. She has formalized training and experience with children struggling with aggression, anxiety, and with attachment concerns. She also has experience working with reforming connection and cohesion between children and their parents. Additionally, she has experience counseling adolescents with sex addiction and pornography/cybersex addiction and working with children whose parent(s) are in long-term recovery.

Audrey’s specialized training and research endeavors have made her both passionate and knowledgeable about therapeutic approaches for children, adolescent, and families. She sought out research and training opportunities concerning adolescent addiction, Child-Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT), activity and play therapy. She believes that development for kids and teens can be difficult and confusing for both the child and parent. As kids and teens grow older, emotions and behaviors change. Because children experience emotions that they struggle to communicate verbally, Audrey believes in the importance of play therapy for children. Additionally, she understands that conversations with your teen about values, healthy sexuality, and drug/alcohol use among others can leave a parent and teen feeling disconnected and confused. She also believes that addiction is far more complex than a moral issue. She focuses on the emotional component of addiction and the influence of past experiences and relational needs on the development of addiction.

“I believe that difficulties in life are best explored in relationship. I strive to help my clients understand and accept all unique aspects of themselves. Understanding one’s values, relational needs, and experiences aids the client in breaking free from mundane, harmful, and disingenuine cycles of living. I believe that with awareness comes freedom. Feeling discouraged or “stuck” is a natural experience. You may feel worn down by uncertainty, anxious or depressed in reliving trauma, or simply want support in understanding yourself on a deeper level. My mission is to partner with you in becoming the best and most genuine version of yourself.”