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Sex Therapy For Individuals with Addictions

5 Reasons Why People Seek A Sex Therapist

Sex therapy treats the sexual and emotional well-being of the patient. There’re no requirements to seeing a sex therapist – anyone that wants to strengthen their love life can benefit from it. However, there are common causes for someone to seek sex therapy. Here’s five reasons why people see a sex therapist:

Being cheated on feels horrible – like your loved one betrayed you. Chances are there was lying involved, and now your trust feels violated. Your partner acted selfishly and went outside the intimacy of your relationship. Infidelity hurts. It also hurts the person who cheated. Cheating always happens for a reason. It oftentimes reflects a painful truth about a relationship or an individual. Other times, infidelity is just one person being unable to commit to an exclusive, monogamous relationship. If that’s the case, both people need to decide how, and if, they can continue to see each other.

We’re all in different stages of growing and maturity. This can reflect in the way we express love for each other. For instance, one person may want to have sex more often than their partner. Another common divide is not enjoying the same type of sex (i.e. gentle, rough.) Wedge issues like these may feel like a forever block. But they’re only insurmountable if you don’t talk about them. With the help of a Richardson sex therapist, you and your lover can work together to bridge your sexual disconnect.

Sometimes relationships need to end. Other times they need to pause and people need space. That can lead to cycles of breaking up and getting back together. These are difficult situations to navigate, especially if you’re always fighting with your partner. Does it feel like your having the same argument over and over? Do you and/or your partner have intentions to do right by each other, but you always end up hurting? Are you constantly butting heads and unable to compromise – but you still desire to be together? You need to answer these questions. You need to know: “Can this relationship work?” Sex and couples therapy in Richardson can unveil these truths about yourself and your lover.

Trouble with sexual intercourse is a common issue for individuals and couples. This could mean the inability to have sex or achieve orgasm. It could also mean you’re not on the “same page” with what you like in the bedroom. There’s no shortage of reasons why individuals and couples have difficulties with sexual intercourse – but, that’s what a sex therapist in Richardson can help you figure out. Your issues could be the result of a traumatic event. A sexual psychologist in Richardson TX can diagnose and treat this mental condition. You could have a physical condition or a chemical imbalance that affects your sex life. Only a qualified sex therapist can help you identify the root of your problems with sex.

Our relationships will evolve, some being beautiful and other painful. Each person brings learning into our lives. They affect our minds, hearts and bodies. Emotions are fluent. Our sex lives are not static – nor are they black and white. You can be different degrees of ‘healthy’ when you’re in a relationship. Proactive couples, especially those in the pre-marital phases, benefit from seeing a sex therapist before trying the knot.

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We hope you learned about sex therapy and marriage counseling. If you’re in need of sex therapy or couples counseling in Richardson, choose LifeWorks Recovery.

LifeWorks Recovery offers full treatment of sexual addictions and difficulties. Our techniques focus on treating the patient’s sexual and relational well-being. We aim to identify your problems, find solutions and educate you during the process:

After reading this article, you should know…

  • Sex therapists and counselors in Richardson treat sexual addictions, mental conditions and emotional conditions.
  • You can assess yourself for sex addiction and porn addiction, but only a licensed sex therapist in Richardson can diagnose you.
  • There’s no limit on the reasons why people see a sex therapist. You can have a “healthy sex life” and still consult a sex therapist.
  • Married couples can great benefit from sex therapy and couples counseling. Couples therapy can lay the foundation of a relationship’s long term success.
  • Constant fighting, an unbalanced or unfulfilling sex life and infidelity are three popular reasons why people see a sex therapist.

For individuals seeking sex therapy and those looking for couples counseling in Richardson, look no further than LifeWorks Recovery. We are here to help you heal and lead a healthy life. If you would like to speak with our confidential care coordinator Jessica, click here.