“Sex addiction” isn’t easy to understand. Getting “sex help” in Dallas is always a scary step. Why?

“Sex addiction”, “sexual compulsivity”, “pornography addiction”, “seductive role sex”, “exhibitionistic sex”, “internet sex”, “cybersex”, “compulsive masturbation”, “pay for sex”, “anonymous sex”.

Not a group of words that are easily uttered. We live in a culture that is sexually negative. We don’t talk about with each other, we don’t talk about it with our children, friends, neighbor or pastor.

Yet sex is everywhere we turn.

When it comes to sexual compulsivity and sexual addiction recovery, the first step involves getting honest with ourselves. Pick up Out Of The Shadows . Read it.

Now look in the mirror, hold your head high and call a “Dallas Certified Sex Addiction Therapist” or a “Dallas Sex Addiction Therapist” or a “Dallas Sex Addiction Counselor” and point your car at the nearest 12 step meeting, such as Sex Addicts Anonymous or Sexaholics Anonymous.

Now you are on track to integrity. Now you are coming to your own assistance and that of your your partner and children.

Make the call.