A sex addiction counselor or sex addiction therapist is a specialist. What makes a sex addiction therapist good is the same thing that makes a specialist in any other field the best, training and experience.

Today, many different people call themselves sex addiction therapists. Some have gone through many hours of clinical training. Certified Sex Addiction Therapists (CSAT) are one such professional, and have gone through hundreds of hours of training over 4 training modules with experts such as Dr Patrick Carnes, Dr Stefanie Carnes, Dr Ken Adams and others just to become a candidate for a CSAT. They then have had to do many hours of supervision before they are given their certification.

This credential comes at quite a cost in time, effort, money, and requires intense personal growth and exploration. The best sex addiction therapists usually bring more to the table though. They bring their own personal recovery to bear, which allows them to go past just reading books and apply their personal experience and wisdom to assessing, diagnosing and treating sex addiction, partners of sex addicts and the family system as a whole.

So when you are choosing a Dallas sex addiction therapist, look for a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) first, and a recovering one second. It will give you and your family a better chance.