Choosing the right Dallas sex addiction therapist and sex addiction counselor to diagnose sex addiction, love addiction, sex and love addiction and the affected family system is paramount to successfully treating this complex brain disease.

Sex addiction is rooted in an impaired early bonding experience. The sex addict is a shame-based man or woman who has contempt for his or her own needs and is unable to regulate emotions effectively, if at all. There is often corresponding trauma, neglect and abuse with complex family of origin dynamics.

As a sex addict goes through life living a dual life and unable to master meeting his or her needs, he or she turns to an addictive and compulsive behavior to regulate or modulate this painful internal world.

Sadly, the addictive behavior or behaviors just reinforce the pain and shame and the cycle continues.

Choosing a Dallas Sex Addiction Therapist and a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist requires some research. Be sure to interview more than one, and ask him or her some questions, such as:

  • Are you in recovery yourself? If not how do you understand the fine nuances of sex addiction?
  • If you are in recovery, have you completed the 12 steps, the 30 tasks, or any other models of recovery?
  • Do you understand and treat trauma, both for the addict and the family? If yes, what is your specific training and experience?
  • Do you treat the family system, and have marriage and family therapists to assist you?
  • Do you offer groups for the whole affected family system as well as the addict as sex addicts will only get better in a group?
  • What model of treatment do you use? Is it research based?

These are just a few of the questions to ask before you make such an important decision. Sex addiction, sex and love addiction, love addiction, codependency, partners of sex addicts are very complex problems that require specific expertise and training and years of experience.

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