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Overcome Addiction Through Sexual And Relational Healing

Welcome to Life Works Recovery

where help starts with simply reaching out. We offer counseling and therapy for sexual and relational healing (healthy sexuality and intimacy counseling) as part of  sex addiction therapy and relationship or marriage therapy. We have spent the time as professionals learning, training and helping people gain understanding and healing of their sexual self, which is often at the core of healing the relationship and solving difficult intimacy issues.

Claiming our healthy sexuality can be the beginning of creating true connection and intimacy in our love relationships. We are here to support the healing of people who are suffering from porn addiction, sex addiction, love addiction, betrayal and infidelity.

But we are also here to help those struggling to understand or define healthy sexuality in their relationships and aren’t necessarily in an addictive or compulsive relationship, or people who are simply struggling to connect with their partner or spouse.

We work with issues that include — sexual intimacy, sexual arousal, body image, trauma, betrayal, infidelity — and sexual hyper-arousal on a daily basis as part of a clients sexual and relational healing.

We help the partners heal their trauma first — by understanding and differentiating complex partner trauma — and helping the spouse and partner of an addict get the truth, set and maintain healthy boundaries, and stop the crazy-making.

We are experienced  CSAT therapists and we provide outpatient programs for overcoming addiction, healing sexual issues, overcoming betrayal and infidelity, and simply learning how to connect in a deep and intimate way in all relationships.

We also provide specialized sex addiction therapist treatment and recovery help to people suffering from sexual compulsion and hyper-rousal. Lifeworks Recovery provides programming for the addict, partner and family system to begin healing from discovery to disclosure to sexually reintegrating and thriving after betrayal.

Our sex addiction therapists and Licensed Professional Counselors have many years of professional and personal recovery and/or  experience treating sexual compulsivity and other addictions, with services including pornography addiction treatment, as well as working with couples free of addiction but struggling to work through connecting and communicating in their relationships.
Often, at this moment many people start asking is my partner or am I a sex addict?

We specialize in the holistic and integrative treatment of not just sexual issues, but also eating disorders, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and trauma, love addiction, family problems, support for partners of sex addicts, substance abuse, codependency, and marriage/couples issues.

If you or a loved one is affected by these behaviors, we are here to help. As Dallas sex therapists and addiction therapists who provide treatment for overcoming addiction of a variety of types, we collaborate as a team to effectively offer the expertise, life experience, and clinical training to support not only the patient, but also the affected spouse/partner, children, and larger family system.

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Our Approach to

Sex Counseling, Pornography Addiction Treatment, & More

At Life Works Recovery, we work with you and your family on a one-on-one basis to help you understand and uncover the reasons for your struggles and the harm addiction may have created. For partners of addicts, we are experts in treating the trauma and betrayal and in helping you move through the painful experiences and harm caused by addiction and compulsion.

We emphasize healing for the entire family system. It isn’t just the sex addict, alcoholic, or drug addict that is affected and needs help. Their spouses and children are naturally and deeply affected. They often experience trauma, betrayal, abandonment, and abuse.

It is common for family members to feel alone and neglected as the patient gets help. Life Works Recovery’s counselors are trained to understand the partner’s and children’s needs, and to identify and treat coexisting issues of trauma and neglect, providing a corresponding environment of support for the partner and family.

We approach treating partners of sex addicts from a trauma perspective first, understanding the deeply traumatic experience betrayal and discovery create, and the necessary approach emphasizing the betrayal story and focus on crisis control, boundaries, disclosure preparation, post-disclosure support and victim impact, sexual re-integration therapy, and treating complex partner trauma and PTSD.

We have years of experience dealing with the issues that affect our patients’ family systems, including depression, anxiety, grief, loss, abuse, money issues, and trauma. In addition to our sex addiction therapist and other therapists’ professional counseling licenses, our current credentials or training also include:

  • Certified Sex Addiction Therapists (CSAT)
  • Gottman Level II Training
  • Level II EMDR Therapist and Trauma Therapists
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
  • Neurofeedback
  • Biofeedback
  • Heart Rate Variability Training (HRV)

We work with the individual to learn what kinds of treatment will work best, and we provide techniques that are manageable so that our patients have the tools they need to overcome addiction. We will accept you where you are, and we’ve helped hundreds of families overcome difficult situations and live healthier lives and provide addiction and sex therapy — therapy focused on sexual healing and creating relational intimacy and connection — services in Dallas.

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For sexual healing or sexual intimacy healing to be successful, an environment filled with empathy, compassion, and honesty can be helpful. We understand that this approach is crucial to creating the space necessary to break through denial and fear and cultivate serenity, peace, intimacy, honesty, and integrity. Healthy sexuality and intimacy are at the core of sex therapy and addiction healing. Addiction therapy of any kind requires feeling empowered to take control and heal.

We consider mental health to be defined as a commitment to awareness and reality at all costs. In other words, ownership of the obvious. If you or a loved one is ready to live a connected, empowered, fulfilling life, then let us help today. For help with healthy sexuality and healing in Dallas, trust the compassionate professionals at Life Works Recovery.

Let us help you break free and enjoy your life to its fullest. Contact Life Works Recovery via the form to the right or give us a call : 

Partners In Pain

For The Partners

For the partners of sex addicts, life has become increasingly insane. We feel crazy, and the toll from betrayal and discovery is immense. We feel crazy because living with addiction is crazy. Read more about help for partners.

It’s time to stop trying to prove the obvious. The first step for a partner or loved one is to begin to come to their own assistance. Understanding complex partner trauma, setting non-negotiable boundaries and beginning caring for yourself and family is the first step. Send one of our sex addiction experts an email or if you have questions and desire a more personal and confidential experience give our care coordinator a call by clicking below:

Intensives, Workshop, Groups

Nobody Does It Alone

No one can do it alone. Being alone is what addicts and their families know very well. LifeWorks Recovery and their staff offer weekend and weekly intensives, workshops and groups that address issues from discovery to recovery to thriving again in life. Give us a call and ask about our services.

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