Are you an Ashley Madison user who was recently exposed? If you are, you may have a lot to lose. When addicts are discovered, they usually experience shame, sadness, and fear and anxiety about loss. What does an addict have to lose? How about relationships, their jobs, their public image, money through possible divorce, and even their own lives. Some Ashley Madison users have felt so much fear and shame from the public scrutiny, they have chosen to end their lives.

The danger of sex addiction is real and can kill you. It is a tragedy when hurting people who are scared believe they can’t get help.

Where can an addict get help? Who can an addict trust? What about family members of Ashely Madison users? They need help too! How can an addict begin to change? Sometimes the first step is the hardest one to take.

Here are seven simple steps Ashley Madison users can take and begin to heal:

Addicts can change. Yes, there is hope for addicts! The first step in changing is to take responsibility for yourself. Ask for help instead of running. Facing reality can be painful but staying in denial leads to shame and despair. Begin your Recovery now. Get help from the most qualified therapists at LifeWorks Recovery.