Does Sex Addiction Therapy Work? People constantly ask us, as sex addiction experts, this question. The answer is straight forward:

Yes, people who do certain things get better! Period.

Of course, this is also the difficulty. Getting healthy in sex addiction therapy requires two ingredients: being able to follow directions and having a sex addiction therapist worth following. In other words, the client has to do whatever it takes, and having a sex addiction therapist who has special training and years of experience coupled with the instincts to see through the mirage and distortion that a sex addict presents with.


Can Any Therapist Do Sex Addiction Therapy?

Well no. Of course not. To be good at it requires specialized training and a passion for it. When we started Life Works Recovery, just a handful of therapists and counselors here in Dallas worked with the problem, and even fewer belonged to what today is the “Gold Standard” for sex addiction therapy — being a CSAT, the acronym for a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist.

Just claiming to be a sex addiction therapist is one thing, and there is no doubt that a licensed professional such as an LPC or a LCSW or even a LCDC could be helpful in treating the symptoms of the disease, but someone who actually does specialized training and then spends tens of thousands of hours honing skills can treat the core of the disease, and assist in remission and learning to drive in life. Simply surviving in life is not much different than the pain of the addiction.


Why Do Some Clients Get Better?

As an adult, a healthy ego can ask for help, be disciplined and follow direction. This is the first half of the equation to be successful in sex addiction therapy. These are also the signs of emotional maturity, and indicators of self-love. M.Scott Peck in his famous book “The Road Less Traveled“, talks of the two ingredients for discipline as an adult — the caregivers were able to give unconditional love (they loved themselves) and the caregivers modeled unconditional love for themselves by taking care of themselves in healthy ways.

Sex addiction is the antithesis of this, as sex addicts were groomed in homes that were inflexible and rigid, homes that had lots of rules but little unconditional love, or chaotic homes with no rules where unconditonal love and self-discipline were absent.


Choose A Certified Sex Addiction Therapist

Coming to grips with discipline and self-love, training yourself to do this with a competent certified professional who has trained himself or herself to help you, will allow you or your loved one to learn and grow, and to abstain from compulsive sexual behavior.

Abstaining is the first step in the process.

Abstaining can grow into sobriety. Sobriety can grow into recovery. Recovery will becoming thriving. Helping you thrive in your life is our goal.

Choose to thrive today.